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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yet another update and request for help from Ken (see below):

"OK, so I've got Stephanie on-board to help with the conversion of the original paper manuals into proper .PDF format. Hitchhiker's is essentially done. As are the Invisicules. I'm fairly certain that everyone will be very happy with the outcome / workings of the Invisiclues. I still need to get her the Hi-Res scans of the InfoFreebies. These will be included in the last few pages of the game manual. I realize it's not the same as getting them again, but.. "C'mon." The production costs of those would be astronomical. "And to do that for every one of the titles?" Oi vei!
Anyway, we should hopefully have the contract with Stephanie signed in the next day or so. 'll be sending out Zit 1, Zit 2, Zit 3, Suspenders, Planetfailed, Stationfailed and StarMotorCross shortly.

Am gonna' be needing to ping someone for "nice / complete" boxed copies of Planetfailed and Stationfailed shortly.

Also need to gather up copies of the Maps and Invisiclues for all of the aforementioned titles too.

Hey! If anyone out there wanst to help me / us out with this stuff, say.. "Lend it to me / us for a week at max", we'd be more than happy to get you a FREE copy of any Activision game we have available at the mo.

If ya' don't know what we have in the loop at the mo, go here.. http://www.activision.com.

Oh! and did I mention that you're name will go in the Credits section? See! "Look at that!" You'll be an official part of Infocom's history.

I did this with the Activision Anthology project I worked on and everyone got a real kick out of it. I think it worked out very well.

If anyone out there is wanting to get involved and help out, my AOL IM and email address are attached.

I should be posting updates as they become available. RIGHT HERE is the only place you'll be able to read about it.

Thanks Gang 'n' Type Ya' Later!

- Ken"

Again, if you can help Ken, contact him at klove@activision.com. His AOL IM is KENATACTIVISION.

Being a part of Infocom history should be one nice incentive.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Due to server problems the site was offline for most of yesterday. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ken took the time to fill us in on how the new compilation (see below and earlier news) is doing:

"Alrightee, so here's the latest...
We're currently still negotiating the rights back to Hitchhiker's. The IP holder are just dragging the feet with this one. They've got their end of the bargain but we're still waiting for ours. Manuals and Hint Book have all been converted to a proper .PDF format. All graphics, everything is there. Even the freebies. 'In hi-res scans of course.'
The project is basicallly coming together in my own free time, which ain't much. 3rd draft if the Installer is done, but I still need to make some minor changes. Mainly, removing the licensed titles.
.PDF manual creation is going slowly with barely a budget. :-(
The Infocomics will be included, but there will have to be a disclaimer mentioning that the user should really D/L MoSlo or something to that effect.
LucasArts did this with one of their old compilations. That'll have to do for now.
I wanna' include Cornerstone as well, but.. the novel (read DOCUMENTATION) for that one is really hefty.
If anyone wants to lend me their manuals for scannning, I'd certainly appreciate it."

Please note that Ken is devoting his own spare time on this, so fans should be able to tell that he really is behind the project and means to bring fans a great collection. If you think you can help Ken, contact him at klove@activision.com.

Also more news on Mike Berlyn: Harry sent in a link to Gamasutra, who had a nice article on Mike earlier this month.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Another success in locating implementors: Mike Berlyn was unearthed too and pointed out some mistakes as well as elaborated aspects in his biography. Thanks to Mike and one more time to Harry, who may be unavailable for further detective work, as he is rumored to have had a fantastic job offer by the FBI.

No further news so far on Activision's new Infocom compilation.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Yet again thanks to super sleuth Harry Kaplan (see previous news) another long lost implementor has been found. This time it's Amy Briggs and she was nice enough to send in some corrections and further additions to her biography.

Monday, April 26, 2005

This is included a little late, nonetheless it is worth to mention: The BBC edition of the "Hitchhiker's Guide" (see previous news) has won a BAFTA. Steve Meretzky, whose collaborative work with Douglas Adams on the original was the base for this new edition, was among those celebrating.

Monday, March 28, 2005

In light with the more and more likely release of the new Infocom compilation mentioned below, the "Where to buy" section was overhauled, which also included enhancing the tips for those trying their luck on ebay.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Activision's re-release of the Infocom adventures (see previous news) comes closer to reality:

"Hey Gang!
Keep your eyes peeled. The Infocom Classic are all going to be re-released shortly. I'm actually in the process of upgrading / dating the first batch. I promise that I'll try and do these classics some justice.
Hang Tight and Ten!
- Ken"

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Steve Meretzky and Michael Bywater, who was involved with Douglas Adams' over his work on "Bureaucracy" as well as with Infocom's competitor Magnetic Scrolls, will be holding a discussion over interactive fiction, Douglas Adams and the world in general on Thursday, March 3rd, in London.

If you are interested, the discussion takes place at The Brockway Room, Conway Hall, 5 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL and is scheduled to start at 8 pm. Admission will be £4 for the benefit of the "Save The Rhino" and "Dian Fossey Gorilla" funds.