Amy Briggs
• Name: Amy Briggs
• Joined Infocom: 1984
• Games written: 2
• Left Infocom: 1989

Amy Briggs was born 1962 in a small town in Minnesota, living next door to Ron Gilbert, whom she used to babysit and who later became famous for the "Monkey Island" series of games.

In 1984 Amy graduated from Minnesota's Macalester College with a degree in English, specializing in British Literature.

This may have had an influence, when in 1985 she signed up for a job at Infocom, the company writing "interactive fiction," and was hired as one of Infocom's program testers. At that time Infocom only had a few dedicated testers, as Infocom's philosopy allowed people to fluctuate between their roles; who wasn't writing a game or took a break from writing one tested the games in development.

Until 1987 she only bughunted, but with her background in literature she of course also had the urge to write a game of her own. Strongly influenced by the works of Jane Austen she wanted a female hero as a main character, in an adventure with a romantic setting. After some persuasion she was given the ok for the development of "Plundered Hearts."

"Plundered Hearts" remained her only work of interactive fiction, but she also co-authored one of the "Infocomics" titles, "Gamma Force - Pit of a Thousand Screams." According to Amy she came late onto that project and her main task was to put into a plot what had already been developed in collaboration with Tom Snyder Productions.

Her further tasks kept her from authoring more titles, but on the 1988 "Zork Zero" she co-designed the calendar, for "Quarterstaff" she did major editorial and rewriting work and she was one of the "umpteen" implementors to work on "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe," the never published sequel to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

This was also Amy's last work at Infocom. She then returned to Minnesota and went to graduate school there, leaving with a Ph. D. in Cognitive Psychology.

These days Amy works at 3M as a Human Factors Engineer, designing usable products, software and web sites.

Many thanks to Amy Briggs for contributing to this biography.

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Titles written by Amy Briggs:

Plundered Hearts (1987)

Gamma Force (1988) (with Tom Snyder Productions)

Past Infocom:


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