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• Author: Scott Schmitz and Ken Updike
• Released: 1988
• Genre: RPG
• Difficulty: Standard

You've grown up a man-at-arms in a large, sprawling nation in Rhea, a world where majic dictates the way of nature, and where the longsword is the most efficient lawmaker. The prosperity of your nation and the four neighboring kingdoms has long been maintained by a peaceful network of Druidic sects. The Druids - priests who dwell and pray in groves and wooded glens - have proven themselves to be the wisest advisors and the most lucid of judges. The Druid Council, a forum for the various Druidic cults, is a powerful and benevolent body whose opinions are valued in the kingdoms throughout the land. Among the most prestigious of sects is that of the Tree Druids, who traditionally send at least one of their number to each of the five nearby kingdoms. Their advice, both political and spiritual, is always respected and depended upon.

However, during the last six months, the usually-stable Tree Druids have begun to act unnaturally. Their attendance at the Druid Council has become oddly erratic, and the sect's communication with other Druidic colonies has mysteriously dwindled to nothing. The crops about the Tree colony which had always been faithfully nurtured and harvested now lay overgrown and abandoned. Sinister rumors of epidemic and disaster quickly spread through pubs and taverns. Many an eager adventurer journeyed forth to the Tree Druid colony, buried beneath a great oak, to find out first-hand what foul fate had befallen the colony, though none returned to offer explanation.

Three months ago, all traces of the sect vanished entirely. Three scouts - famed warriors named Bruno, Jaroo, and Eolene - were sent by nearby colonies to find out what had happened. Several weeks have passed without a word from them, however, and once again the people of Rhea have grown restless for news of the sect. Casting about for another warrior to send, the Druid Council has called on you to journey forth and discover what unspeakable terror has destroyed the once-prosperous people. You are outfitted with weapons and provisions for one week. Now you stand before the entrance to the tunnels and caverns of the Tree Druids, ready to enter...

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