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Visit the home of Activision, current rightholders of Infocom and everything related. Some Infocom information can be found here (if you look hard enough).

Peter Scheyen's Infocom site

One of the most definite Infocom sites on the net. Peter has collected almost all information available about Infocom.

Boffo Games

Boffo Games was Steve Meretzky's small company. It is defunct for a long time, but their web presence is still around.

The Infocom Gallery

This site features very detailed scans of Infocom game packages and their contents.

The Chronology of Quendor

Robin Lionheart's just about complete history and trivia of the Great Underground Empire.

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Official Earth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Quite complete index of text adventures and their companies.

The Interactive Fiction Archive

Very impressive (FTP) archive of everything related to text adventures, including recent shareware and public-domain games.

Moby Games

A very successful project trying to archive all electronic games, no matter what platform, ever released. Try a search on Infocom or anything related.

Pong: The Text-Based Game

See for yourself.

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