Suspended front Suspended back
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• Author: Michael Berlyn
• Released: 1983
• Genre: Science-Fiction
• Difficulty: Expert

You are the Central Mentality on an advanced semi-automated planet. You were supposed to sleep - in limited cryogenic suspension - for the next 500 years, 20 miles
beneath the surface of the planet, while the great Filtering Computers maintained all surface systems. But the computers have taken you out of suspension because something is terribly wrong: the weather has become brutal, food production is
dangerously low, and the Transportation System is malfunctioning, causing unprecedented accidents and casualties. The planet is in chaos.

You are physically immobilized. But you have six robots at your disposal, and you must manipulate them strategically to bring the Filtering Computers back into balance. Each robot has a distinct perception of the world and offers you specific abilities - one offers you sight; a second, hearing; a third, access to information in the computer memory banks. Through the robots, you must save the planet from destruction.

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