Seastalker front Seastalker back
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• Author: Stu Galley and Jim Lawrence
• Released: 1984
• Genre: Tales of Adventure
• Difficulty: Junior

Welcome to the world of Infocom's junior-level interactive fiction, a world where:

  • you can become the hero or heroine in a story,
  • you can use your your own thinking and imagination to guide the story from start to finish,
  • you can meet other people, who may or may not help you, and
  • you can go to new places, figure out mysteries and puzzles, and fight against monsters or enemies.

In Seastalker, you become a young inventor working in your father's business. Your newest invention is a small submarine that has only two seats inside, for you and your pal Tip. The submarine, called the Scimitar, can dive deeply into the sea to capture plants and animals for you to study. But you will have to use it to save your undersea scientific station from a sea monster that is attacking it!

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