Cornerstone Demo
The demo you are about to download was designed for operation under DOS, just as Cornerstone. It should work in DOS mode or a DOS window under Windows 95 and 98, but you may encounter problems with Windows 2000 and XP, as these contain heavily modified versions of DOS.

Please follow these instructions to download and run the demo:

  • Open Windows Explorer, select a target drive and/or directory, click on File in upper left corner, choose New and Folder. You may name this folder any way you like.
  • Another window will open, asking where you want to save the demo ( Select the folder you created above and click Save.
  • In Windows Explorer, go to your folder and unpack the demo by doubleclicking on This step requires an extraction program like WinZip installed on your system.
  • Have your extraction program unpack to your folder.
  • In Windows Explorer go to your folder and doubleclick csdemo.bat. You may also choose to leave Windows and do this step under DOS, if you don't want to run the demo under Windows.
  • Follow the instructions on screen. If you find that you can't type in numbers via the main keyboard keys, use the number pad of your keyboard to enter numbers.