The following pages present you a collection of advertisements run by Infocom over the years.

You can choose to view them in a chronological and commented slideshow by following this link,
or access them individually through the list below:

Zork, Byte Magazine, Dec. 1980

Where the Sun Don't Shine, Analog Magazine, 1983

Above enlarged

Shell out $1000, Family Computing Magazine, Oct. 1983

Envelope, 1983

Letter from above

Product Catalog, 1983

Above opened

Back side of the above

Product Catalog, 1984

Old Dame Catalog, 1985

Product Catalog, 1985

Above opened

Cornerstone Brochure, 1985

Another Cornerstone Brochure, 1985

Above opened

Product Catalog, 1986

Above opened

Again above opened

Leather Goddesses, Happy-Computer Magazine, Dec. 1986/Jan. 1987

Product Catalog, 1987

Product Brochure 1988

Above opened